New Patients – What to Expect

Dr. Andrea Hornyak, N.D. will invest time in your health care to gather an in-depth understanding of your goals and research the best modalities and treatment options specific for you.

Prior to your Initial Appointment you will be given an Intake Form based on your age group, as well as a Welcome Letter, which explains the cost breakdown of appointments and other specific information.

Initial Visit – your first visit will take approximately 75 minutes for adults and 60 minutes for children under 12 years old. This consultation includes a thorough case history, investigation of your health goals, current concerns, past medical history, family medical history, current list of medications, mental/emotional health, and basic lifestyle and dietary practices. Recommendations are often given to begin certain supplements and many patients benefit from acupuncture during this appointment at no additional cost.

Second Visit – this appointment will be approximately 45 minutes for adults and 30 minutes for children under 12 years old. The focus will be on Clinical Nutrition, including education regarding any supplements you have been taking, reviewing any pharmaceutical drugs and their nutrient-deficiencies, as well as a detailed explanation of your most recent laboratory test results and how it applies to your current symptoms. During this consultation a more comprehensive treatment plan is recommended which may include botanical or homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, and lifestyle or dietary modifications.

Subsequent Visits – the frequency of follow-up visits will depend on the stage of your condition (recently developed vs. several years), how many symptoms you have, your health goals, and your treatment plan.

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