Heavy Metal Toxicity Symptoms

Heavy Metal Toxicity Symptoms

There are several environmental factors that contribute to cancer including heavy metal toxicity in the body. Other conditions linked to mercury, lead, uranium, antimony, nickel, thallium, and arsenic toxicity include Autism Spectrum Disorder, Alzheimer’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, Auto Immune Disease, Heart, Kidney, Liver, and Lung Disease. Environmental toxins have disrupt the immune, nervous and hormonal systems.

Below is a list of symptoms that are commonly associated with or compounded by heavy metal body burden:



Chronic Fatigue

Depression/Mood swings


Muscle/Joint Pain

Muscle Twitching/Tremors

Poor Circulation

Alcohol Intolerance

Allergies (Environmental and Food Sensitivities)

Anxiety/Panic Attacks

Brain fog

Digestive problems

Frequent Infections (Urinary, Cold/Flu, Sinus, Yeast)


Loss of Memory

Metallic Taste in the Mouth

Night sweats

Itchy Skin

Sensitivity to smells like tobacco smoke, perfumes, paint fumes and gasoline

Tingling in Hands/Feet

Low Iron/B12

Diagnosis: Hair Element Analysis. The hair root is in constant contact with blood vessels, allowing both nutritional and toxic elements to enter the hair shaft continuously as it grows, therefore reflecting long term exposure to the various elements. This is a significant advantage over urine and blood samples, which only measure the levels from one point in time.

Treatment: Heavy metal detox consisting of a combination of homeopathic and botanical medicines as well as clinical nutrition. Each patient case is individual and treatment depends on laboratory analysis results, severity of toxicity and symptoms.

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