I know what it’s like to not be pregnant. I was waiting to have a baby after medical school, then after my practice was established, and suddenly I was 34 years old. I remember the feeling of seeing a negative pregnancy test. Then my my mother and best friend was diagnosed with cancer and I felt utterly hopeless.

A few months later a miracle happened…I was finally pregnant! The birth of my first child brought me the most joy I have ever felt. I believe my baby was truly a gift as he helped me focus on happiness, as my mother passed away when Luke was only 6 weeks old. Now I am the proud mother of three boys!

Approximately 1 in 6 couples experience infertility in Canada. In 40% of the causes the root cause can be attributed to the woman, 30% it is the man, 20% it is both, and 10% of the time it is unknown.

There are many conditions and symptoms that can lead to difficulty conceiving, including irregular menstrual cycle, endometriosis, PCOS, fibroids, low sperm count or poor sperm quality, past drug treatments or surgery, being overweight, alcohol and tobacco use, chronic stress, etc.

One of the best treatments is naturopathic medicine as I can get to the root cause of why the woman is not pregnant and address these reasons through various treatments based on the couple’s individual case. Further laboratory testing is usually recommended and keys to vital information are often found. Treatments may include botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine, high dose vitamins/minerals, acupuncture, lifestyle modifications, and counselling.

Acupuncture is an amazing natural treatment that decreases stress, decreases inflammation, increases circulation and regulates hormones. During this time my patients benefit from counselling and recording goals as well.

I have also helped couples conceive who were already undergoing IUI or IVF with acupuncture and supplementation.

For those couples who are looking to optimize their health and detoxify their body in preparation of conception, this is ideal. This protocol will takes approximately three months. Once a couple begins treatment with me, I say they will be the most fertile in 3 cycles, as during this time both the male and female will be under treatment.

I have treated a variety of root causes of infertility, both primary (no children) and secondary (one child but cannot get pregnant again). Common themes include :

High Toxic Load – no exercise, sleeping less than 6 hours straight/night, drinking less than 6 cups of water per day, drinking more than 2 cafinated beverages daily, drinking alcohol daily, smoking, eating processed foods daily (yogurt, protein bars, granola bars, cereal, etc.)

Stress – underlying anxiety and/or depression can be a root cause for infertility.

Premenstrual Syndrome – specific symptoms before or during your period reflect certain hormonal and nutrient deficiencies . Botanical medicine is an effective treatment that enables your body to begin producing sufficient estrogen, progesterone, and thyroid hormones necessary to get pregnant and stay pregnant.

Miscarriage – I have the most amazing success with preventing miscarriage using a combination of acupuncture, botanical medicine, homeopathic medicine.

Poor sperm count – there are many botanical medicine and nutrient supplements that can increase sperm quality within 3-4 months.

We are all unique! We have different combinations of root causes to our ailments. In my practice of Naturopathic Medicine I utilized my education, knowledge, and past experience in my own life as well as treating thousands of patients over the past 15 years.

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